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Leading Oil and Gas Company

Homeland Gas Company Nigeria Limited; is a wholly owned Nigerian oil and gas utilization company contemplated, and organized, structures since 2013 but incorporated and registered in 2019 with a unique focus on gas exploration, development, production, treatment, fractionation and extraction of multi – products high quality gas that will feed the energy cluster value – chain gas based industries in the domestic and international markets.
The proposed [LPG – NGL] gas processing plant will be located at Ibeno in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, where there is a profound feed gas reserve.
The world – class – landmark [LPG – NGL] gas liquefaction plant is designed with the capacity to receive between (100 – 150MMSCFD) feed gas supply of natural gas liquids (NGL) for the purpose of discovery and processing of Wet Gas product from the upstream gas fields and unitised (Associated Gas) reserve resources, for multi – products gas utilization processes then extraction, fractionation, transmission, distribution and supply of Propane, Ethane, Butane and other gas extracts will meet the needs of existing and developing markets in Africa and around the world.
The gas processing facility is intended to bridge gas supply gap,and to meet the needs of sourcing demands for high quality gas by gas based industries and to utilize the abundant natural gas stock currently being flared by major oil producing companies in the gas rich region. This will allow the production processes to be vastly successful but with minimal impact on the envison.
As part of its heavy investment in the Nation’s energy future,the Homeland gas offers the LPG – NGL gas utilization facility to help bridge the supply and demand gap, create more energy self – sufficiency products, to enable the gas extraction plant fractionateout different specifications of natural gas liquids for various applications sought after by many consumers in the domestic environment and for industrial usages all over the nation and international markets.


To be a leading provider and supplier of high quality (LPG – NGL) gas in the energy value – chain, specializing in wet gas development and production, fractionation, transmission with distribution outlets to local and international
consumers. Our vision is to conduct a competitive gas business that world contribute enormously to the region economy; and to capture leadership role
in the in-depth analysis of gas research and operation and performance in the upstream to midstream and downstream subsectors.


To engage actively and purposefully in opportunities in these sectors in Nigeria to attain optimal production and market leadership in our sectors of operation with state of the art technology in gas utilization, production, distribution and
energy efficiency through the application of international best practices.


The guarantee of our Employees ‘ Health, Safety and Security of the workplace and preservation of the Environment are our first and foremost responsibility.
Other core values include:
• Quality Products Delivery
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Efficiency
• Environmental Friendliness
• Good Corporate Citizenship
• Safety at Workplaces and non-discrimination
Our operation will respect the need for the ecological stability and safety in gas production, utilization and distribution; we will achieve energy efficiency through the application of international best practices.


Focusing its attention entirely on Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Development, Production, Fractionation and Distribution of LPG – NGL gas to energy industry. Homeland Gas Processing Facility with its existing strong competencies as well as the synergies in gas utilization processes will enable us to create increasingly more integrated infrastructures and added value.Our
policies will allow us to take advantage of the region and sector’s resources to govern the sectors dynamic and growth in the industry.
A key strategy of Homeland Gas liquefaction process of LPG-NGL Facility is to diversify its energy and gas stock base by utilizing the region’s natural gas
resources. Our gas processing facility will produce and provides the feed gas for various gas utilization industry based projects in the Niger Delta region.
 To ensure security and physical integrity of personnel, everywhere they intervene. To eradicate hazardous situations in order to ensure safety of our personnel(s), others.
 Preserve health of the host community and operational environment.
 To respect cultures and laws of countries in which we interact.
 To prevent any harm to goods and properties and environment.
It is with profound assurance, individual and collective determination that we will meet our objectives together.


The Management of Homeland Gas Company Nigeria Limited has the desire and determination to ensure that our products and services to customers conform to
global best standards and requirements through the applied concepts of Quality Planning, Quality Control and Quality Improvement which are uninhibited with
enhanced safety.

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