10 Akpan Idiok Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.




The Homeland Gas Company Nigeria Limited is your Safe and Reliable Partner in Multi – Products Value Chain Gas Utilization Process and Innovative Energy Optimization Globally. We believe in cultivating and exercising leadership; innovating with natural gas liquids, and flawlessly executing the options to achieve operational excellence. These are the strategic imperatives that the Homeland Gas Processing Company is creating in the oil and gas sectors of the Nigerian economy.
Our business model is designed to capture the full value chain from upstream appraisal, development and production, to ownership of processing and distribution infrastructures and marketing to end users both locally and internationally.
This model is supported by an experienced management team, high standards of corporate governance and social responsibility and will be underpinned by a robust capital structure.
Homeland gas is unveiling the potentials of the Nigeria Energy Sectors investment opportunities, upgrading an increased capacity for Nigeria gas markets.