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Company Overview


As a leading Natural Gas Treatment and Processing Solutions Company,
The objectives of the company were conceived out of the demand for high quality gas supply from the Nigerian oil and gas industry.
We strive to be a leading Nigerian gasification & utilization company within our area of operations and with the objective to exploit first mover advantage in the Niger Delta region to maximize the shareholders value subscription and
commercial agreements through sustainable long term growth across the full value – chain investment spectrum.
Our company is constituted with teams of energy experts across the globe, intellectuals that have key roles in natural gas harvesting, treatment and processing plant value chain and comprehensive utilization processes conforming to international best standards; in – association with our international EPC and Technology Partners across the globe.
Homeland Gas Processing Plant (LPG – NGL) is more than an oil and gas, energy provider; we are global partner in gas business, committed to the utilization and optimization of our core investment through the complete life cycle of our project and operations.
We approach each phase of gas processing project with the long – term health of our assets in mind by delivering integrated Research, Exploration, Development, Production and Fractionation businesses personalized to the needs of sourcing demands for high quality gas. With a team of experienced engineers and specialists at the helm of our operations units we will to receive unparalleled expertise that can be trusted.
The EPC – Technology Partners with experienced and professional engineering design team and project management team in our (LPG – NGL) gas processing facility offers best service in Engineering Consulting, Design and Constructionin the gas industry.
The EPC service is one – stop and total care, covering Project Proposals, Feasibility Study, Comprehensive Design, Procurement of Equipment and Materials, Project Management, Commissioning, Startup, Operation and Maintenance.
The EPC participates in building natural gas purification and processing plants, natural gas liquids recovery plants, natural gas liquefaction plants ; including LPG, CNG, SNG & LNG refueling stations, etc. Versatile EPC capabilities with impeccable experience in handling greenfield, brownfield & revamp plant projects . Continuing to work with world leading chemical producers.