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Market Development

Gas consumption across Africa is on the upswing with its increasing population and rising income, which creates avenue for potential and existing players in the industry to expand with the local economy, the West African region , the African continent and globally.


Currently, the main competitors are the international oil companies existing in the oil and gas industry.
The development of capital market is preceded by prosperity of robust potential market. In parallel with making Nigerian Government companies and agencies (NNPC) in signing of the Shareholder Agreement and Share
Subscription and other commercial agreements we will attract the support of equities ‘ buyers by different Organizations, Corporations and Bankers and we must establish a proper cultural structure to fortify the bourse market in such a way that the bourse market will be a secure place for investment.
In this regard different organizations especially the media companies and public relations of companies will have a great role and responsibility.
In order to be successful in the bourse market the transferring companies must have a productivity structure and also they must be profitable our focus will be on researching, understanding, building and supplying liquefied petroleum and liquefied natural gas markets around Africa and the world.


a. Our market entry plan will be at a high – level and address the following aspects to allow investors to consider the potentials of establishing a market presence for LPGin the World markets.
b. This high – level entry plan will include the following aspects :
• Investment in facilities for storage, filling and inland distribution / transportation.
• Securing of cylinders
• Product supply channels
• Geographic locations of sales areas
• Sales forecast
• Securing of market share for a new entrant, including promotions and loss – leaders
• View on pricing and profit margins
• Securing and training of staff
• Branding of product
• Safety standards
• Communication plan for the entry.
In offering this market entry plan our gas processing plant will be drawing upon our experiences from the management team.
c. We will also set out a broad time table for such a market entry process.