10 Akpan Idiok Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.



Our Business Strategy & Services

We Operate in Five Key Business Sectors :
Exploration, Development and Production, Fractionation, Energy and Power, Raw Materials and Resources for Oil and Gas Industries.
With comprehensive operational improvement of productivity, efficiency and management, the optimum energy consumption and zero environmental pollution, is a key positive attitude in our Greenfield gas extraction facility.
We will lead the industry in providing the best technology engineered, application, specific gas solutions by well experienced experts that work for the Homeland Gas Company.
Since the requirement of natural gas is resourced from upstream main gas fields and gas pipeline infrastructures, extensive actions have been taken into consideration in our (LPG – NGL) gas processing facility among which our futuristic industrial development revolution plan is to create regional hub for multi value chain gas – based industries feedstock gas supply sourced by consumers that will completely eliminate the need to flare gas at the (LPG – NGL) gas processing plant.


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