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Our Commitment & Company Board


We are committed to the course of implementing our health and safety measures, within our organization, the necessary means to defend our values and meet our objectives as part of our policy. Health and Safety is one of the priority areas at Homeland Gas, to develop a team relationship with our customers and provide the most reliable, honest, well engineered solution to gas sector challenges and together achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability within natural gas core business.
Through exemplary behavior and faultless commitment, the company management is expected to apply and ensures its implementation within field of operations


This is the policy making body of Homeland Gas Company Limited.The board formulates policies and ensures its implementation within the frame – structure of the organization, also ensures effective and prompt execution of all projects / operational units within the limits of available human and material resources, and in – accordance with the objectives of the company.The company board will be driving the “LPG Revolution” by directly promoting domestic utilization of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)and incentivizing new investment in Gas processing infrastructure for other derivatives to encourage acceleration in Final Investment Decisions for major capital gas based-industries projects.


In order to maintain management and control, initially and throughout the company’s development and growth, it is important to have an appropriate organizational structure which provides stability for each independent function. While at the same time assuring an integrated operational flow, as the single most important administrative element. In recognition of this fact, the company has developed a strong function oriented and integrated structure which appropriately presents the lines of responsibility and authority for all the key functions.