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Product Description

Our Product lines:

The Homeland gas company’s line of products is vast. The [LPG – NGL] gas stripping plant is designed to be the first leading indigenous and the largest privately owned Nigerian Greenfield natural gas liquefaction plant (NGL). It
will fractionate major components and vapor pressures common liquid products such as: (C1+ — C10+) yield of products for extraction of LPG and other derivatives which includes: CNG, SNG and LNG for refueling needs, gas
compression, power generation; GTL and Condensate developments for auxiliary utilities, as well as providing sufficient feedstock to primary petrochemical facilities and energy companies in the oil and gas sector of Nigeria economy.
We will create enough rest time ensuring that people can work, rest and recoverfor services to flow. The(GTL) Conversion Technology will provide sufficient feedstock gas for primary petrochemical facilities such as; mixed fertilizers, methanol and ethylene production as well as commercialization of the secondary condensate developments.
Homeland Gas has developed and manufactures a complete line of liquefied gas vaporizers and heaters. We’ve also adapted vaporization technology from some of our many legacy products to serve the growing CNG and LNG transportable fuel markets. Our innovative design approach provides smarter footprints and enhanced energy efficiency and greater reliability
than conventional designs in adaptation to crucial energy challenges globally.
LPG is used widely for domestic and industrial applications, the price may or may not be subsidized depending on supply economics, cost and Government policies. LPG is also widely used as feedstock in major petrochemical manufacturing facilities and Butane as gasoline blending component . International trade in LPG is substantial, often involving shipments of cargoes to international market places for this commodity.