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Quality Assurance


The HGCNL, the function of Quality Management exists throughout our organization to the degree necessary to ensure that the acceptance and performance criteria of our services are continuously met.
The HGCNL Quality Management System is built on and registrable to DNV Certified Quality Management System .[ MGMT. SYS. CO24] .It provides procedure for verifying end results as well as conducting operational practices in a planned and controlled manner.
Total Quality Management is paramount for all aspects of our Projects and we deeply owe our clients services that not only meet statutory quality demands, but exceed their requirements.
We plan, direct and administer risks assessment and programs designed to ensure continual improvement consistent with established local and international health, safety and environment standards


Carrying out projects from organizations, companies, legal firms and also, scientific and academic centers. Supervising research projects, attending scientific seminars and conferences and presentation of lectures and holding
scientific seminars and presentations in gas related businesses in order to sustain continuous and dynamic relations with scientific and academic centers.
Providing M.Sc and Ph.D student – researchers with subject of thesis related to HGCNL favorite items through continuous relation between industry and universities and also, review and approve of graduation thesis.
HGCNL Leadership and employees are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality Management system (QMS) and value adding processes for the supply of on-specification gas that meets or exceeds the
requirements of our current and future customers through the involvement of a highly skilled and motivated Human Resources.

HGCNL innovation at work is considered imperative , not just to provide quality to customers but also to stay ahead of the competition. We consider Research & Development activities to be fundamental for our growth.
A dedicated team of professional work to research, design, create development and production with minimal environmental abuse and maximum output. Focus is on designing technology and development of (LPG – NGL)
extraction fromit’sFEED Gas from gas field reservoirs for (NGL) production gas stock facilities owned by ExxonMobil Corporation.
•Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Automobile blenders fuel / power plant, etc.
•Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) for Ammonia gas & other industrial gases
•Mini – Liquefied Natural Gas (Mini -LNG)for the future that will increase efficiency and reduce
Utilization, Transmission & Distribution losses.
All our R & D efforts are directed towards creating value for customers.
Objectives include offering services, solutions and gasmprocessing business and environmental management services of the highest standards, both for domestic LPG and international markets.
The recognized quality and reliability of our products, and the reduction in the cost of materials and processes are other important goals aimed at achieving through our ongoing investment in R & D.
The HGCNL organizational setup will facilitate innovative mechanismsand principles to solve Development, Production, and Distribution problems. Our technical team will support client /customer in mix designs, on – site trials products, selection and troubleshooting, reflects solar heat away from (oil, gas and water) storage facilities such astanks and (production) equipment, containers, caravans and roofing sheet and also reduce evaporation of liquid –
gas content